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Geography Knows No Boundaries

Intended to promote student field research in the Department of Geography.

Through the support of the MaGrann Geography Field Research Fund, intended to promote student research in the Department of Geography, annual awards are given to support field research by undergraduate and graduate students with the potential to make an outstanding contribution to Geography. Through a competitive application process that takes place in the spring each year, student proposals are evaluated based on their novelty, rigor and anticipated contribution to the student's research progress.

Applications are due on March 14 to the chair of the MaGrann Research Committee and consist of a CV/resume, a short description of the proposed research and how it will contribute to the applicant's academic progress, a budget, and a list of other funds for which support has been sought.

Contact Professor Asher Ghertner for more information.

Examples of research descriptions from recipients of a MaGrann Geography Field Research Award

  • My research focuses on wildlife conservation in forests that lie outside Protected Areas. Working in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh (India), I plan to explore the social, ecological and political factors that converge to conserve wildlife in forests that have historically played a role in connecting two distinct biogeographic regions, the Eastern and Western Ghats.

  • La Boquilla is a community of almost six thousand people dedicated mostly to fishery. It is located north from Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, approximately 400 miles from Bogota, the capital city. Besides fishery, tourism represents an important sector for its inhabitants. During weekends and high season (December-January/July-August), people from La Boquilla and surrounding villages provide services for tourists, which constitute an important component of the village’s economy. Almost 70% of the population in the area is Afro-Colombian. They were recognized as an Afro-Colombian community by the government more than five years ago, and in 2011 they were granted a collective land title over 39Ha of territory.

  • The MaGrann Field Research Award enabled me to undertake preliminary fieldwork in Mexico City during July of 2013, and has thus made an invaluable contribution to my developing doctoral research. My project concerns the use of ‘rights talk’ by contemporary urban social movements, specifically those involved in the development and promotion of The Mexico City Charter for the Right to the City.

    As I intend this project to entail a large ethnographic component, this preliminary field visit was essential for establishing contacts, identifying local resources (such as museum collections and archives), and assessing the feasibility of my long-term research agenda.

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