Policy on Classroom Etiquette

The Department of Geography is committed to teaching excellence, including fostering close interaction between students and faculty. We require that instructors (e.g. Professor, Lecturers, Teaching Assistants) AND students display appropriate respect and consideration for each other. Instructors should try to infuse students with an enthusiastic appreciation of Geography, be well prepared for class, provide students with clear goals and expectations, listen carefully to student questions and comments, and conscientiously evaluate students’ work. Students are expected to attend scheduled classes and to behave courteously in class. Together, instructors and students will maintain an environment of openness and civility that encourages and honors the intellectual achievement represented by the discipline of Geography. We have adopted the following rules on exams, attendance, tardiness/leaving early, and integrity.

Exams: Every effort must be made to take exams when scheduled. No unexcused make-up exams will be given without WRITTEN documentation from a Rutgers University official. Those with valid excuses will be allowed to take exams in a method determined by the instructor.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend class; attendance is one of the best prognosticators of a student’s performance. If a student cannot attend a class or must leave early, he/she should inform the instructor and ask to be excused. Instructors may require signed attendance sheets and may count attendance as part of the grade. Falsification of an attendance record by signing another student’s name or signing and then leaving class is a serious breach of academic integrity.

Tardiness and Leaving Class Early: Our University is spatially challenged. Student must commute considerable distances between classes and instructors are aware of problems that students encounter in trying to come to class on time. Students should try to not schedule courses on different campuses in adjacent periods. We recognize that some tardiness is inevitable; HOWEVER, habitually arriving in class late and departing is disruptive and rude. We ask that students make every effort possible to get to class on time, and once there, STAY,

Personal Conversation: It is rude and disruptive to engage in personal conversation during class. Students who persist in this disruptive behavior may be asked to leave the class and may be penalized as absent. Refusal to leave class once requested will result in disciplinary action at the Dean’s level. Cell phones and beepers should be turned off in class.

Academic Integrity: Our department fully endorses a no-tolerance cheating and plagiarism policy. If you are caught cheating, the instructor may fail you and request disciplinary action.

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