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You will find that perhaps the most helpful people at Rutgers are located in Media Services' main branch in the basement of Kilmer Library.  Identify yourself as a Geography instructor, be nice, and they will give you lots of help. If you are teaching on another campus, you can contact Media Services on College Avenue and Douglass Campus for equipment assistance, but all films must be reserved through Kilmer Library.  Media Services holds periodic orientations for TAs and others to show off their selections and services.  If you can't make these sessions, go to Kilmer's basement and browse through their movie catalog.  A bonus for anyone with a faculty/staff ID card is that you may bring movies home overnight to view while they baby-sit your ID.  This comes in handy for your personal interests as well as for convenient previewing of movies for classes.  There are even feature flicks in their collection for those on a cheap date!   Anyway, you can show movies in Media Services rooms free of charge (they hold up to eighty people) or you can have them shown in your class - if you have projection equipment in your room (Media Services can give you a list of which rooms are equipped) the service is free of charge.  For small classes, you might choose to use the departments TV and VCR.  The best course of action is to move your student to the second floor of Lucy Stone Hall (ask our secretary to procure a room for you). For any campus, it is a good idea to submit movie and room requests early in the semester.

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