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Paper Rosters and Special Permission Numbers

You will be given rosters for your course four times during the semester.  You also will be granted permission to access to online rosters. The first paper copy of your rosters is the pre-registration line-up.  It is recommended that you take attendance (perhaps just pass a piece of paper for students to sign) not only to put fear in your students, but also to get a count of who is actually showing up, and to ease the pain of adding in students by rewarding those who do attend. During this time, you still be forced to deal with students adding and dropping the course.  Students can add without permission up to the number indicated as a "stop-point"on your initial roster.  After this, they need your blessing.  This comes in the form of Special Permission Numbers.  These numbers are distributed along with the initial rosters and are used solely for the course number listed on the top of the page.  If you need more numbers, or if you have any questions about these numbers, please see our secretary.  Note: keep a list of the students to whom you have given special permission numbers - the number of students you add in is up to you and the room capacity.  The second roster will arrive about two weeks into the semester.  It is called the revised class roster.  This is for your information only.  The third roster will arrive during the semester and is for warning (failing) grades and other problems (e.g., students in class but not on the roster).  The last roster is for your information as you assign final grades online. This roster will contain a final list of the students in the class and the due date for submission of online grades dependent on the exam date.  Note: By Rutgers rules, you are to keep all students' final exams on file.

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