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On-line Submission of Final Grades

All final grades are submitted online. As a TA or instructor, you will be granted privileges to access your class roster(s) online in order to view the roster and submit final grades. Access your class roster at This website requires your RCI id and password. It also requires you to enter the full number of your course – e.g. 01 450 330 01 (for Geography 330, Section 1). If you find that you are not able to log in to this website or gain online access to your class, please contact our secretary to make sure that you have online grading privileges.

More detailed instructions for how to assign grades and submit grades online are available at the following web site: This website contains very useful information about grading systems at Rutgers and grade definitions. Note that the Rutgers grading scale does not have "minuses" or a "D+", therefore, is as follows:

A Outstanding
B+, B Good
C+, C Satisfactory
D Poor
F .


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