Course Descriptions

16:970:653:01 Social Justice in Planning and Public Policy

(Spring semester)

Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

An in-depth exploration of the possibilities for, and barriers to, social justice in planning and public policy. Readings examine social justice as a normative principle, motivating ideal, guide to action, and evaluative standard in the practice of planning and public policy. The first half of the course surveys contending approaches to social justice variously understood as equality, fairness, legitimacy, integrity, inclusiveness, and usefulness, and considers the implications for practice of adopting one or another of these conceptions of justice. The second half of the course considers challenges to social justice posed by structural inequality, disempowerment, diversity and multiplicity, localism and globalization, and the inadequacy of democracy as a mode of collective decision-making in a post-political world. Taught by Dr. Robert Lake