Course Descriptions

16:450:606 Geography Seminar: Rethinking Economy

begins from the proposition that how we think about the economy matters. Economic theory does more than describe the economy, it constitutes and actively shapes it. Dominant economic theories represent the economy as homogenous and singularly capitalist thus precluding imagining and enacting economic difference and experimentation. This course engages with a variety of research currents across several disciplines that are rethinking economy as a diverse and decentered field rather than a single entity or dominant force. The course explores the variety of experiments and alternative economic practices in motion today. It integrates examples from the solidarity economy, fair trade, alternative food networks, cooperative production, cooperative and co-housing, reclaiming commons, and bartering and informal markets as cases of organizations, institutions, and movements that are enacting alternatives to the current economic “system.” It reads these cases for their economic difference, relationship to place, implications for community and environmental wellbeing, and transformative potential across spatial scales. Taught by Dr. Kevin St. Martin

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