• Track: Geographical Techniques
  • Credits: 4

This course will emphasize cartographic design principles that transcend technology (i.e. the principles that lead to good map design remain the same regardless of the tools used to create the map).

The focus will be on learning to make decisions about what kind of symbolization would be appropriate for different kinds of qualitative and quantitative data. Students will learn to use digital drawing software rather than software created specifically to make maps. The content of each map project will need to be drawn, with decisions being made on the style attributes of each line, point, and area symbol. Each project will end with a written self-critique to explain the reasoning behind those style choices and why the decision helped the map achieve the principles of effective thematic map design that will be discussed.

This is a 4 credit methods class with mapping assignments due each week.

This course will help you: 

  • better understand the role of human perception in map use and map design.
  • explore effective map symbolization and graphic communication.
  • become familiar with the use of drawing software to produce thematic map symbolization.


Sample Syllabus