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01:450:101 Earth Systems

  • Credits: 3

Earth's physical environment, its atmosphere, landscapes, water resources, and geology change from place to place. With this comes environment affects on people's everyday lives. Yet people also influence their surrounding environments. Dry, wet, warm or cold regions present different challenges for the human population.

How do the earth's physical landscapes develop and evolve? Why does New Jersey’s climate vary from season to season and year to year, and why is it changing? How does this differ from deserts in the southwestern US, the Florida Everglades, and the Alaskan tundra? Why does the landscape change from the Rocky Mountains to the New Jersey barrier islands? How do water, ice and wind sculpt these landscapes? Where do humans fit into these “equations”?

This course uses a systems approach to delve into linkage amongst these aspects of the physical environment, in particular exploring their geographic dimensions.

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Earth Systems (01: 450: 101, Fall 2021 )

Earth Systems (section 01)
Index Number: 03232
Credits: 3.00
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