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01:450:205 World Cultural Regions

  • Credits: 3

In this course we will pursue the geographical quest of changing the world by first knowing it. Our semester will begin with a historical journey exploring the ways in which people have understood, contested, and represented the concept of “regions” throughout time. We will pay particular attention to the development of nation-states and international relations, as well as the challenges and opportunities posed by globalization. The second part of the course focuses on three contemporary regions of interest: Europe and the European Union, Southeastern Europe, and the Middle East. Finally, the last part of the course will examine a series of more general questions related to energy, global health, climate change, and global governance.

Sample Syllabus

World Cultural Regions (01: 450: 205, Fall 2021 )

World Cultural Regions (section 01)
Index Number: 03235
Credits: 3.00
Professor: BENDER
  • [L] Tue 5:00PM-6:20PM - (**)
  • [L] H 5:00PM-6:20PM - (**)

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