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01:450:208 Maps, Power and the Digital World

  • Credits: 3

Maps are representations of the spaces of our world. As such, maps contain within them the intentions and interpretations of their designers. Throughout this course, we will examine maps, map making, and map interpretation, as well as the ways that these processes are always political and rooted in dynamics of power. You will gain knowledge of the historical and cultural evolution of mapping, as well as familiarity with terms and concepts associated with particular techniques used in cartography and digital mapping. Maps, Power, and the Digital Age approaches the study of maps from the vantage point of critical cartographies, which provide a way to analyze the power behind the maps. You will develop an understanding of how maps always contain an agenda that can be seen through how maps are made, disseminated, and interpreted by the viewer. Through exploring various historical, cultural, and political analyses of mapping, this course examines the implicit power dynamics behind the map, as well as the social justice potential for mapping in today’s digital age. Students will also develop their critical cartographic skills in a practical sense through the use of various open-source online mapping platforms.

Sample Syllabus

Maps, Power, and the Digital World (01: 450: 208, Fall 2021 )

Maps, Power, and the Digital World (section 01)
Index Number: 14982
Credits: 3.00
Professor: GABRIEL
  • [L] Tue 5:00PM-6:20PM FH-B3 (CAC)
  • [L] H 5:00PM-6:20PM FH-B3 (CAC)

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