Undergraduate Course Descriptions

01:450:356 Advanced Cartography

  • Credits: 4

This course will help you:

1. Understand and implement complex color map design techniques.

(Planning time estimates, a production schedule, compilation, production, duplication methods.)

2. Explore design strategies to achieve good contrast, figure/ ground relationships, and color harmony.

3. Gain a better understanding of how people perceive color symbolization on maps.

Sample Syllabus

Some examples of student projects

Advanced Cartography (01: 450: 356, Spring 2021 )

Advanced Cartography (section 01)
Index Number: 09567
Credits: 4.00
  • [L] Tue 12:00PM-1:20PM - (LIV)
  • [L] Fri 12:00PM-1:20PM - (LIV)

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