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01:450:335 Caribbean Borderlands

Credits: 3

The Caribbean is a diverse, vibrant and complex region of the world; a region of strong contrasts in geology, topography, language, food, politics and more. This course is an introduction to the physical, human, and environmental geography ofthe Caribbean. It examines contemporary social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental situations of the region and its people. Historical aspects are also discussed to better understand present-day conditions and realities.

Sample Syllabus

Caribbean Borderlnds (01: 450: 335, Fall 2019 )

Caribbean Borderlnds (section 01)
Index Number: 12149
Credits: 3.00
Professor: RHINEY, KEVON
  • [L] Thu 12:00PM-1:20PM TIL-230 (LIV)
  • [L] Mon 12:00PM-1:20PM TIL-230 (LIV)

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