Undergraduate Course Descriptions

01:450:488 Celestial Cartography

  • Credits: 4

Note: this course has not been approved by the curriculum committee yet.

Celestial cartography, (uranographyastrography) is the fringe of astronomy and branch of cartography concerned with mapping stars, galaxies, and other astronomical objects on the celestial sphere.

 This course will help you:

  • navigate your starship through space
  • boldly go where no human has gone before
  • meet all requirements for wormhole navigation certificate


This course will emphasize measuring the position and light of charted objects requires a variety of instruments and techniques. These techniques have developed from angle measurements with quadrants and the unaided eye, through sextants combined with lenses for light magnification, up to current methods which include computer-automated space telescopes.

Sample Syllabus for 450:488

Prerequisite: Principles of Cartography; Advanced Cartography; Celestial Remote Sensing; Principles of the Space/Time Continuum.


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