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In the Department of Geography undergraduates can specialize in three programs:

sq geography  sq environment sq global


Geography Major  Geography Minor 

Environmental Studies:

Environmental Studies Major  Environmental Studies Minor

International and Global Studies

International and Global Studies Minor

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 We encourage students to take advantage of Study Abroad and internships and work individually with students to incorporate those experiences in our program.

Please meet with one of the program advisors to learn more.

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Geography is about understanding Planet Earth and the relationships humans have with the environment. Investigating and mapping the world of today requires specialized skills. The geography curriculum at Rutgers provides the technical training and theoretical grounding  to meet today’s environmental challenges while encouraging students to envision the world of the future in which they will be important decision-makers. The program is big enough to equip students with a full portfolio of essential techniques, but small enough to accommodate individual needs. Teaching formats vary from large lectures to seminar-type meetings.


SAS Signature Course "Cities" (450:250) is taught each spring by Professor Asher Ghertner.


As a supplement to class and lab, the well-established internship program provides valuable real-world experience for students while they earn up to six credits towards the degree. The department also has a good record for majors going on to graduate work at the masters and doctoral levels.

Some current courses offered in geography include: 

  • Transforming the Global Environment (450:102)
  • Maps, Power, and The Digital World (450:208)
  • Economic Geography (450:309)
  • Natural Hazards and Disasters (450:311)
  • Climate Change (450:313)
  • Geographic Information Systems (450:321)
  • Latin America (450:336)
  • Africa (450:338)
  • Geography of the Development (450:363)

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