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Urban Natures poster by Kae YamaneUrban Natures Workshop 

The Department of Geography at Rutgers University and the New York City Urban Field Station of the US Forest Service are pleased to invite you to attend the 2012 “Urban Natures” Workshop. 

The workshop is the third in a series of collaborative interdisciplinary symposia involving the Geography faculty and students from Rutgers, Penn State, Syracuse and Clark Universities. 

This year’s theme reflects growing scholarly interest in urban areas as sites of primary production, conservation/protection of biodiversity, ecological reclamation and restoration, and the formation of distinctive “urban nature” political constituencies and subjectivities. 

Panel discussions and a day long fieldtrip to New York coordinated by Urban Field Station staff will afford participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore a range of critical perspectives on these and related issues.

Conference Overview and Schedule (pdf file)

Download this poster by Kae Yamane (as a page size pdf).
Download a map showing the Urban Natures workshop venues (pdf).

Upcoming Events

Sep 23 | 4:40PM | Departmental Event
Amazonian Forests Are Our Greatest Asset
Sep 27 | 3:00PM | Speaker Series
Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro
Oct 2 | 12:00AM | MaGrann Conference
Small Scale Agriculture in an Era of Global Change: Landscapes & Livelihoods
Oct 25 | 10:00AM | Faculty/Staff Meetings
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