Magrann Conference

The MaGrann Conference was inaugurated in 2003 as an annual or biennial forum of global environment and development scholars--organized by The Department of Geography at Rutgers around a unique theme. Accepted presenters represent various disciplines in the sciences and social sciences and are drawn from Rutgers University as well as from institutions from around the world. The conference programs include presentations, workshops and meetings throughout one or several days.

2018 - Race, Place and Justice | flyer

2016 - Hazards in Context |  flyer

2015 – Land Fictions: The Commodification of Land in City and Country |flyer

2014 – The Caribbean At Risk: From Hazards Adaptation To Societal Transformation | flyer

2012 – Breaking the Ice: Theorizing the Arctic Thaw | flyer

2009 - Climate Change in South Asia: Governance, Equity, and Social Justice

2008 – Land-Use Transition in the Tropics | flyer

2006 – The Future of Disasters in a Globalizing World

2004 – Environmental Justice Abroad

2003 – Political Ecology at Home