Graduate student Sasha Leidman's research paper covered in Rutgers Today

20 January 2021
In the Research & Innovation section, Sasha is quoted about bacteria likely triggering greater melting on the Greenland ice sheet, possibly increasing the island’s contribution to sea-level rise. That’s because the microbes cause sunlight-absorbing sediment to clump together and accumulate in the...

Michael Siegel interviewed about New Jersey's boundaries

12 December 2020
On episode 3 of Please Explain!, part of Montclair, NJ's Design Week, the Department of Geography's Staff Cartographer Michael Siegel fielded questions about some of the more unusual aspects of New Jersey's boundaries with New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Drawing on research from the "Mapping New... launched by the AAG and ESRI

31 October 2020
The American Association of Geographers (AAG) is pleased to announce the launch of in conjunction with the celebration of Geography Awareness Week. The website is a joint venture and collaboration between the AAG and Esri, designed for educational purposes and the promotion of the...

Thomas Crowley's new book on Delhi's urban ecology

19 October 2020
Fractured Forest, Quartzite City, a new book by Rutgers Geography PhD candidate Thomas Crowley, is the first book to explore the ecological history of Delhi and Its Ridge.  The book, jointly published under the Yoda-SAGE Select imprint, seeks to explore Delhi's history with its environment at the...

Mazen Labban on the #BeirutBlast & Environmental Violence

04 September 2020
Visiting Assistant Professor Mazen Labban recently published "On the #BeirutBlast and the Environmental Violence of Capital" in the journal Capitalism, Nature, Socialism's online platform. Dr. Labban, a senior editor at CNS, trenchantly places the devastation wrote in Beirut on August 4, 2020 in...

Jesse Rodenbiker on China's 'ecological territorialization'

02 September 2020
Across contemporary China, city governments are unevenly territorializing peri-urban villagers' land and housing by creating new urban ecological conservation sites. I analyze this emerging form of what I call 'ecological territorialization' through three interrelated spatial practices:...

Department of Geography Celebrates Graduating Seniors

28 May 2020
  Virtual Celebration for  The Department of Geography Class of 2020 Watch congratulatory remarks from Geography faculty members  Some seniors responded to a request for a graduation photo by organizing a Zoom meeting (not any easy thing to manage with people in different time zones).  A few parting...

Ghertner & Govil write on Indian citizenship protests

26 May 2020
Associate Professor Asher Ghertner and PhD student Stuti Govil published an open access online article in Society & Space on "Infrastructures of Care in the Battle for Indian Citizenship." The article focuses on the ways that the everyday carework of keeping children at hand and cleaning streets...

Graduate Student Awards, 2020

16 May 2020
The Department of Geography is proud of its new degree recipients and the numerous awards, publications, and successes of its diverse graduate student body. In the face of the ongoing Corona virus stay-at-home orders, we were grateful for the chance to meet collectively via teleconference to...

Senior Arden Benner addresses problems on a global scale

07 May 2020
By the time she arrived at Rutgers, Benner knew her calling would combine a deep reverence for the environment, an emphasis on public health, and a strong commitment to social justice. After checking out a few options, she attended the Major and Minor Fair and met faculty from the Department of...

Mazen Labban publishes on negative oil futures during the pandemic

28 April 2020
Visiting Assistant Professor Mazen Labban's new article in The American Prospect analyzes the collapse of the global oil market during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Mazen writes: "The price of oil is an abstraction. When it plummeted to -$37/barrel on April 20, we can be sure that not many...

PhD student Alana Rader receives research award

15 April 2020
Alana is the recipient of this year’s Graduate Student Research Award and will receive $500 to support her research. She was also elected to be Student at Large of the Association of American Geographers' Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group. Alana is affiliated with the Rutgers...

Jesse Rodenbiker publishes on "China's always-more-than-human cities"

08 April 2020
In a new online article for Society & Space, Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography Jesse Rodenbiker writes of urban China's expanding global reach and its relationship with the genesis and spread of the novel coronavirus. COVID-19, he notes, has transformed urban social life across the world. He...

PhD student Tashanna Walker awarded 2020 IDRF Fellowship

08 April 2020
Tashanna is one of seventy provisional awardees selected from a total of 934 submitted applications from graduate students at 113 universities. The average fellowship award will be $23k and can only be held for a single continuous period of 9-12 months between July 2020 and December 2021. The IDRF...

PhD student Sasha Leiman receives thesis prize

07 April 2020
Sasha Leiman received 3rd prize for the Rutgers 3 Minute Thesis competition. "The Mystery of Dark Streams: How Microbes Melt the Greenland Ice Sheet"     As many of you know, the School of Graduate Studies participates in the nationwide “3 Minute Thesis Competition (3MT)” each spring (see

PhD student Tyler Young wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) award

01 April 2020
The NSF GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students for three years within a five-year fellowship period. The award will support Tyler's research into forest-resource politics in West Africa. Tyler’s work focuses specifically on the regional distribution Oxytenanthera abyssinica –a...

PhD student Alex Liebman co-authored an article in Monthly Review.

28 March 2020
The article explores the relational geographies of COVID-19, circuits of capital and agri-business. "The underlying operative premise is that the cause of COVID-19 and other such pathogens is not found just in the object of any one infectious agent or its clinical course, but also in the field of...

Dr. Åsa Rennermalm is featured on a PBS NOVA site about polar regions and climate change.

19 February 2020
Since NOVA started producing interactive Labs back in 2012, more than six million students have used them to get involved in science by collecting and analyzing data to solve real-world problems. NOVA Labs gives young people a virtual window into the lives of scientists—and a taste of what it...

Dr. Leichenko appointed to Mayor De Blasio's Climate Leadership Team

30 December 2019
Professor Robin Leichenko, Chair of the Department of Geography at Rutgers, was appointed to the group of independent, expert scientists to advise the Mayor of New York City on climate risks and to develop a new climate assessment report  NEW YORK – Today, Mayor de Blasio announced the leadership...

Dr. Ghertner on the colonial roots of India’s air pollution crisis

16 December 2019
In the newest issue of Economic & Political Weekly, India’s most widely read journal, D. Asher Ghertner, Associate Professor of Geography at Rutgers, explores the history of race and medicine to trace the colonial origins of the claim that Indian lungs are “immune" to air pollution – a claim that...