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Graduate student Priti Narayan has book chapter published

2018 12 13 01.23.24 pm

While global urban development increasingly takes on the mantle of sustainability and "green urbanism," both the ecological and equity impacts of these developments are often overlooked. One result is what has been called environmental gentrification, a process in which environmental improvements lead to increased property values and the displacement of long-term residents. The specter of environmental gentrification is now at the forefront of urban debates about how to accomplish environmental improvements without massive displacement.

PhD candidate, Priti Narayan, building on 14 months of ethnographic work in China, India, published a chapter in Just Green Enough bringing recent urban political ecologies of flooding to bear on these questions. The chapter is titled, "Displacement as disaster relief: Environmental gentrification and state informality in developing Chennai." The book is edited by Winifred Curran and Trina Hamilton and was published in December 2017.