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Dr. Robinson on climate change in Scientific American

 Robinson snow

This month Scientific American featured a story titled "Love Snow? Here's How It's Changing," that drew from expert analysis of changing snow cover patterns to summarize the effects of climate change on snow globally. Professor Dave Robinson was interviewed in the story, and described the prediction of how and why, from one location to the next, snow cover will change to be among the most challenging questions about weather and climate change. “I think there is certainly a consensus that you’re going to have a shorter snow season, both in terms of snowfall events and snow on the ground,” said Robinson. “You’re going to have areas that commonly have snow have it less common. You’re going to have areas that commonly have snow have more rain events associated with that snowpack.” For more on Professor Robinson's research on snow cover, visit the Rutgers Global Snow Lab

See the full story from the January issue of Scientific America.