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Join us for the 11th MaGrann Conference, October 2-4, on Small-Scale Agriculture


The continued transformation of global agro-food systems, rapid changes in natural ecosystems, and growing conflicts over land-based resources are just a few of the many challenges shaping human-environmental relationships around the globe, often producing uneven and unjust outcomes for marginalized and vulnerable groups. The 2019 MaGrann Conference, taking place on October 2-4 at the Cook Student Center, 59 Biel Road in New Brunswick, seeks to bring together scholars in geography and related disciplines to discuss emerging themes around the ways smallholder practices and landscape outcomes are related. A major focus of the conference will be to explore how global trends in labor and food markets reconfigure the production of agricultural commodities, how these land based production systems are linked to smallholder practices, and the way these practices in turn (re)configure landscapes and their provision of ecosystem services. 

The MaGrann Conference was inaugurated in 2003 as an annual or biennial forum of global environment and development scholars--organized by The Department of Geography at Rutgers around a unique theme. This will be the 11th MaGrann Conference, and is organized by Dr. Kevon Rhiney, Assistant Professor, Rutgers Geography, and Dr. Laura Schneider, Associate Professor. Speakers from Rutgers, Clark, Indiana State, University de los Andes, UNAM (Mexico), the University of Florida, ETH Zurich, and Ohio State will speak on topics ranging from Honduran smallholder coffee producers, ranching and Brazil nut harvesting in the Amazon, fair-trade chocolate certification in Ecuador, coffee rust epidemic in Jamaica, and post-conflict forestry in Colombia. The keynote speaker is Professor Kendra McSweeney (Ohio State).

The full conference schedule and associated information can be found on the conference webpage.