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Jesse Rodenbiker publishes on "China's always-more-than-human cities"


Rodenbiker Jesse

In a new online article for Society & Space, Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography Jesse Rodenbiker writes of urban China's expanding global reach and its relationship with the genesis and spread of the novel coronavirus. COVID-19, he notes, has transformed urban social life across the world. He specifically shows how COVID-19 epitomizes but does not exclusively define the global reach of China's cities, which is weaving new interconnections between humans and non-humans, including viruses and endangered wildlife. Through exploring the cultural politics of taste surrounding wild and endangered ocean fare, he illustrate show sourcing to satisfy China's urban demand exacerbates ocean wildlife populations. Finally, he reflects on how the emerging pandemic is transforming urban life in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region. These lenses bring into sharp relief the entanglements of urban China's global reach with more-than-human worlds.