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Senior Arden Benner addresses problems on a global scale

benner ardenBy the time she arrived at Rutgers, Benner knew her calling would combine a deep reverence for the environment, an emphasis on public health, and a strong commitment to social justice. After checking out a few options, she attended the Major and Minor Fair and met faculty from the Department of Geography. She took a few courses and realized the geography major offered the ideal foundation for her calling. “Geography covers everything I am passionate about,” says Benner, who also earned a minor in public health, and a certificate in geospatial information science, or GIS. “I can take it in so many directions.” Indeed, in her final semester, Benner is learning how geographers are helping in the fight against COVID-19. She is serving as an intern for the American Geographical Society, where she gets briefed each day on maps documenting the pandemic and tracking everything from ventilator availability to testing sites to unemployment rates. 

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One of the cartography projects Arden created this semester:

benner vulnerability maps