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Wolfram Hoefer on Landscape Aesthetics
Friday, November 09, 2018, 03:00pm - 05:00pm
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Wolfram Hoefer, Rutgers University

Inspired by the Holistic View: Exploring links between Geography, Planning and Design

Abstract: My interest in the design and planning of landscapes is inspired by Alexander von Humboldt’s holistic view of the world. I am still fascinated how he linked aesthetic perception with scientific explorations. Although today’s geography has evolved beyond nineteenth century mapping of landscapes, this aesthetic perception of the earth has influenced American landscape studies Carl Sauer and J.B.Jackson.

My talk will outline how the aesthetic perception of landscape is different in the European and North American cultural context and how those perceptions have an impact on the practice of landscape design and environmental planning on both sides of the Atlantic. Examples of professional planning work with the Center of Urban Environmental Sustainability (CUES) and examples from teaching planning and design studios in the department of landscape architecture will illustrate my attempt to learn from the cross-cultural comparison.

3-4:30pm, TILLET 246. Followed by an informal gathering at Pinos in Highland Park

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A video recording of this event can be viewed here: