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Mapping Vulnerability to Multiple Stressors

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  • Author / Editor: Leichenko, Robin
  • Publish Date: 2004-01-01
  • Abstract:

    There is growing recognition in the human dimensions research community that climate change impact studies must take into account the effects of other ongoing global changes. Yet there has been no systematic methodology to study climate change vulnerability in the context of multiple stressors. Using the example of Indian agriculture, this paper presents a methodology for investigating regional vulnerability to climate change in combination with other global stressors. This method, which relies on both vulnerability mapping and local-level case studies, may be used to assess differential vulnerability for any particular sector within a nation or region, and it can serve as a basis for targeting policy interventions.

O’Brien, K, R. Leichenko, U. Kelkar, H. Venema, G. Aandahl, H. Tompkins, A. Javed, S. Bhadwal, S. Barg, L. Nygaard, and J. West. 2004.

"Mapping Vulnerability to Multiple Stressors: Climate Change and Economic Globalization in India. Global Environmental Change 14: 303-313".

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Keyword: vulnerability mapping; climate change; globalization; India.