Laura C. Schneider
Graduate Director
Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Clark)
Phone: (848) 445-0071
Email: laura.schneider@rutgers.edu
Research Interests: forests, land change science, remote sensing, Mexico, Latin America
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Research Interests:

I am biogeographer specialized in land change science. My research focuses on human-environment relations affecting patterns and processes of land-use land-cover change. My specific research interests are monitoring and modeling land transformation, biophysical remote sensing and ecological dynamics of plant invasions.

Results of my research show how important land transitions in the tropics, such as deforestation and the spread of invasive species, are caused by land management practices occurring under particular ecological contexts. My findings show how the ecology of invasive species, particularly its growth and expansion, is linked to farmers’ economic incentives and labor practices; I also developed ways to characterize heterogeneous tropical land cover types. My research findings from collaborative efforts also demonstrate how agricultural intensification does not necessarily release spare land for other types of uses.

Ongoing projects are 1) Environmental Disturbances in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico supported by Moore Foundation and 2) The Spontaneous Spread of Silvopastoral Landscapes in the Ecuadorian Amazon supported by the National Science Foundation through the Dynamics of Coupled Natural and Human Systems Program.

Recent Publications:

2018 Ramirez, C. D., Orrego S. A. and L. Schneider. Identifying Drivers and
Spatial Pattern of Deforestation in a Strategic Watershed, Rio Grande Basin
(Colombian Andes). Journal of Latin American Geography, 17(1):139-­‐‑165.

2016 Schneider, L., J. Rogan and B. Schmook. Relación de huracanes e incendios
en bosques fragmentados de la región sur de la península de Yucatán,
México: Ejemplo de las sinergias en sistemas socio-­‐‑ecológicos. In: Naturaleza
y Sociedad: Perspectivas Socio-­‐‑Ecológicas sobre Cambios Globales en
América Latina. Ed.: K. Young and J. Postigo. IEP e INTE-­‐‑PUCP.

2016 Turner, B.L., J Geoghegan, D Lawrence, C Radel, B Schmook, C Vance, S
Manson, E Keys, D Foster, P Klepeis, H Vester, J Rogan, R Roy Chowdhury, L
Schneider, R Dickson, Y Ogenva. Land system science and the social–
environmental system: the case of Southern Yucatán Peninsular Region
(SYPR) project. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 19, 18-­‐‑29.

2015 Rudel, T., B. Paul., D. White, I.M. Rao, R. Van Der Hoek, A. Castro, M. Boval,
A. Lerner, L. Schneider and M. Peters. LivestockPlus: Forages, sustainable
intensification, and food security in the tropics. AMBIO, DOI 10.1007/s13280-­‐‑

2015 Mardero, S. B. Schmook, C. Radel, Z. Christman, D. Lawrence, M. Millones,
E. Nickl, J. Rogan & L. Schneider. Smallholders’ adaptations to droughts and
climatic variability in southeastern Mexico. Environmental Hazards,

2015 McGroody, Lerner, A, D. Burbano L. Schneider and T. Rudel. Carbon Stocks
in Silvopastoral Systems: A Study from Four Communities in Southeastern
Ecuador. Biotropica 47 (4) 407-­‐‑415.

2015 Lerner, A., T. Rudel, L. Schneider, M. McGroddy, D. Burbano and C. Mena.
The spontaneous emergence of silvo-­‐‑pastoral landscapes in the Ecuadorian
Amazon: patterns and process. Regional Environmental Change 15 (7): 1421-­‐‑

2013 McGroody, M., D. Lawrence, L. Schneider, J. Rogan, I. Zager and B.
Schmook. Damage patterns after Hurricane Dean in the southern Yucatán:
Has human activity resulted in more resistant forests. Forest Ecology and
Management. 310, 812-­‐‑820

Courses Offered:

Remote Sensing: 450-322
Latin America: 450-336
Biogeography: 450-404
Advanced Geographic Information Systems: 450: 421
Land Change Science: 450:511

Graduate Students:

  • Alana Radel (PhD)
  • Tabby Fenn (PhD, 2018)
  • Diya Paul (PhD, 2018)
  • Irene Zager (PhD, 2015)
  • Gabriella Ulloa (MA, 2018)
  • Joshua Randall (MS, 2015)
  • Jacob Gable (MA, 2013)
  • Colleen Earp (MA 2011)