• Safiyeh Tayebi
  • Safiyeh Tayebi
  • Research Interests: public health, urban environmental health, climate change, urban heat island, urbanland use planning
  • Advisor: Dr.Ubydul Haque
  • Degree: Ph.D.


As an urban climatologist, I am working on the interplay between geography, public health, and the resilience of urban environments. The intricacies of urban expansion, coupled with climate change, necessitate a nuanced understanding of how our living environments influence health outcomes. This understanding has been the cornerstone of my research, where I utilize spatial modeling, and qualitative research methodologies to dissect and address urban environmental issues. Currently, my research interests are deeply anchored in the nexus between urban heat island and public health. The dynamic nature of urbanization, characterized by smart cities and eco-cities, presents both challenges and opportunities for public health advocacy. My goal is to develop holistic frameworks that localize environmental health assessments and propose actionable solutions that enhance urban resilience and sustainability. This endeavor involves a multidisciplinary approach, combining elements of geography, public health, and urban planning to devise strategies that mitigate the adverse effects of urban climates on community health. Expanding my research scope, I have recently delved into the health effects of conflicts across different geographical regions, seeking to understand the broader implications of environmental and social upheavals on human health. This exploration underscores the global nature of the challenges we face, reinforcing the need for collaborative, cross-disciplinary efforts to devise solutions that address both immediate and long-term health concerns.

Previous Degrees:

  • M.Sc., Urban Climatology
    Department of Physical Geography, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran
  • B.A., Physical Geography
    Department of Physical Geography, Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran, Iran

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