Graduate Students

  • Portrait (head shot photo)
  • Jeffrey Immanuel
  • Email:
  • Research Interests: caste, space, nationalism (liberal and fascist), undercommons, small scale fisheries, aquaculture
  • Advisor: Kevin St Martin
  • Degree: Ph.D.




Previous Degrees:

  • M.Tech in Technology and Development, IIT Bombay (2019)
  • B.Tech in Biotechnology, Anna University (2017)


Jeffrey Immanuel, J. 2020. “Coastal Shrimp Aquaculture in India: Should the Farmers Be Blamed?” In Occupation of the Coast II: The Puzzle of Shrimp Production on the East Coast of India, edited by Siddharth Chakravarty and Savita Vijayakumar. New Delhi: The Research Collective - Programme for Social Action.

Jeffrey Immanuel, J., and N. C. Narayanan. 2022a. “Tragedy to the Commons and Outcomes of Blue Growth: Comparative Study on the Politicised Environment of Aquaculture.” In Social Exclusion and Policies of Inclusion, edited by Smita Mishra Panda, Annapurna Devi Pandey, and Supriya Pattanayak, 135–56. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.

Jeffrey Immanuel, J., and N. C. Narayanan. 2022b. “A Brief History of Blue Revolution 2.0: Key Drivers, Actors, and Policies in the Indian Context.” Economic and Political Weekly 57 (24).

Jeffrey Immanuel, J., N. C. Narayanan, and Anshul Singh. 2019. “Coastal Regulation Zone, 2018: Into the Sea with Regulations.” Economic and Political Weekly 54 (10).

2021 cohort names

2021 Cohort of Rutgers Geography Graduate Students