Graduate Students

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  • Thomas Crowley
  • Advisor: D. Asher Ghertner
  • Degree: Ph.D.
  • Office: Lucy Stone Hall, Room B-245
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  • Research Interests: urban geography, political economy, India, caste



My current research focuses on processes of urbanization, industrialization and socioeconomic change in small-town India. Specifically, my proposed PhD research focuses on the town of Mahad, Maharashtra in western India. Probably best known for its role in the anti-caste struggle (particularly as the site of two major protests by the pioneering anti-caste leader B.R. Ambedkar), Mahad has—since the 1980s—also been the site of an industrial area supported by the state government. Struggles over water have played key parts of Mahad's anti-caste histories, as well as its industrial development. My research thus seeks to ask: how have caste-based assertions intersected with struggles over the commons to produce ideological and material disputes over water and pollution in one of India’s most rapidly transforming regions?

I write for a number of popular magazines, including Jacobin, and am working on a book project on Delhi's Ridge.

Previous Degrees:

  • B.A., Yale University

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