• Raymond Jennings
  • Raymond Jennings
  • Office: Lucy Stone Hall, room B245
  • Research Interests: Black European and Atlantic studies, urban geography, cultural studies (sonic/blues and hip-hop geographies), postcolonial France, mobility and surveillance studies, politics of belonging and citizenship.
  • Advisor: D. Asher Ghertner
  • Degree: Ph.D.



Drawing on perspectives in Black geographies, sound studies, and urban sociology my research aims to explore how sonic landscapes (i.e., the way a place sounds and how places are governed and experienced through sound) and the overall sensory environment shape regimes of urban governance – everything from police profiling, to microaggressions, to everyday movement – and a black sense of place. My interests lie, in particular, in examining these relations through the lived experiences of French minority youth citizens in the suburbs of Paris, France.Previous Degree:

  • MA Geography, Paris Sorbonne Université (2019)
  • BA Geography, Kennesaw State University (2014)


 Raymond Jennings (2021) Review: Joy White, Terraformed: Urban Geography, 42:8, 1214-1215