• Raymond Jennings
  • Raymond Jennings
  • Office: Lucy Stone Hall, room B245
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  • Research Interests: Black geographies, urban geography, sonic studies, politics of belonging and citizenship, mobility and surveillance studies, postcolonial theory, France
  • Advisor: D. Asher Ghertner
  • Degree: Ph.D.



I am interested in how the urban soundscape can be framed as a discursive and material site of belonging and exclusion in the city. Centering the concept of the “sonic landscape” (i.e., the way a place sounds), my research seeks to explore the ways in which (sub)urban sound alongside the cultural production/practices of rap and hip hop in Mantes-la-Jolie, France inform the everyday regulation of mobility and surveillance of Black and racialized youth perceived as “unassimilated”, whilst equally providing a lyrical and sonic critique of entrenched colorblind discourse and ideology in the French setting.

Previous Degree:

  • MA Geography, Paris Sorbonne Université (2019)
  • BA Geography, Kennesaw State University (2014)


 Raymond Jennings (2021) Review: Joy White, Terraformed: Urban Geography, 42:8, 1214-1215