For a description of how to enter and submit a travel expense report, refer to the Instructional Document document (pdf file) linked below.

Instructional Document


The Online Course button below links to an online course that explains how to enter and submit a travel/expense report.

Note: after clicking the link, you will have to login with your net ID and password.
Then you will see the following, near the top of the page: 'Click on Modules to access the four web-based tutorials'.

Online Course


  • Original receipts should be submitted including boarding passes.
  • Receipts must not be over 60 days.
    If they are, they must have a business reason for being over 60 days.
  • Receipts must show a zero balance or paid.
    They cannot be reimbursed if the receipt only shows total charged.
  • Registration needs to have the fee sheet included.
  • Conferences
    • Programs must be attached, specifically the page with the conference dates and referencing the traveler's speaking.
    • If meals are provided and per diem is being used, then the per diem must be prorated as follow:
      Breakfast: 20%, Lunch: 20%, Dinner: 60%
      Per diem rates for each city:

More information will be forthcoming when the system goes live in October.