The Department of Geography has three shared calendars to assist with scheduling and room reservations. Calendars are view only. 

  • Geogdept - View and coordinate department events/meetings
  • B120 - View calendar for LSH-B120 Seminar room
  • B257 - View calendar for LSH-B257 Conference room

How to make reservations for B120 or B257:                                                                                                                                     Reservations for rooms are required and requests may be made by emailing Cleo Bartos .

How to access calendars: 
Geography shared calendars can be accessed via the web interface.

    1. Log into
    2. Launch calendar from upper left hand corner square box next to "outlook" name
    3. In search field, type the name of the calendar you are looking to add: "geogdept" "B120" "B257"
    4. select that calendar
    5. click "add calendar"
    6. The calendar you added should now appear in your calendar list
    7. Click/unclick to show events for this calendar

Please reach out to Johnny Nunez via the SAS IT workorder system with any questions related to calendar access.