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Selected Sources for Maps and Map Data

UN Cartography Section Maps

CIA maps | CIA Factbook

National Park Maps

USGS The National Map


Natural Earth

Census TIGER/Line Shapefiles

DIVA-GIS | Country Boundary shapefiles | GADM Country/World shapefiles

30-Meter SRTM Tile Downloader

NOAA Digital Terrain Data


NJ Health Statistics from the Dept. of Health

NJ Economic Data from the Dept. of Labor

NJ Geographic Information network

NJ Dept of Transportation Maps | GIS data

NJ Geological Survey Geodata

NJ DEP Open Data

Environmental Protection Agency in NJ


Geo for All free geospatial education

Open Street Maps

Discover QGIS | download

Inkscape (vector drawing & editing)

Open Street Maps

Daylight Map Distribution 

Map Warper georectifier, and image georeferencer tool


Social Explorer demographic data for the US

SEDAC CIESIN socio-economic maps & data

IPUMS worldwide census data to study change

FAO GeoNetwork - International Geospatial Data


Perry Castenada Map Library

Acme Mapper Google interface with various map overlays