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Below is a sampling of projects Michael Siegel created maps for.

Maps for the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (the four online exhibitions listed below no longer display due to their use of the discontinued Flash app).

  1. In Motion, the African-American Migration Experience | Image listings in the NY Public Library Catalog
  2. Africana Age
  3. The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean World
  4. Black New Yorkers

A small sample of the maps:

Great Migration 1916-1930 Great Migration 1916-1930 (b&w) Great Migration 1940-1970 Blues Migration
Migration Streams Atlantic Migration Underground Railroad 19th Century Black Loyalists
Emigration to Haiti Origin of Migrants 1940-50 Return to the South

Maps for the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

Sampling of maps for books published by the Rutgers University Press:

The Bronx

The Highlands, Critical Resources, Treasured Landscapes

Encyclopedia of New Jersey

Mapping New Jersey (NJ State Atlas)

Maps for Arctic Melt - Native Voices on the dilemmas of development ( (A video created by Hal Salzman and Shaodi Huang).

Arctic Indiginous People North Slope Villages, TAPS, ANWR North Alaska Whale Migration 12 ANCSA corporations

NY/NJ Trail Conference books

Hiking Long Island | sample map 1 | sample map 2

Hiking the Jersey Highlands

Napoleon,The Decline and Fall of an Empire: 1811-1821 | Confederation of the Rhine | Europe in 1811 | Start of the Battle of Waterloo

ODYSSEY, Young Charles Darwin, the Beagle, and the Voyage that Changed the World | South America | Voyage Route

Art of the Court of Bijapur | sample map

Art of the Court of Bijapur | sample map

Living for the City: Migration, Education, and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California | sample map

A World of Empires:The Russian Voyage of the Frigate Pallada | sample map

The Persistence of Slavery: An Economic History of Child Trafficking in Nigeria | sample map

Separate Paths: Lenapes and Colonists in West New Jersey | sample map

Rutgers Gardens' Heylar Woods Trail Map Vineland, NJ places of interest ethiopia-study-sites
Afghanistan-Tajikistan border Alcantara, Brazil study area Cape Province study area.png
Algeria study area Brazil study area Madagascar research area
Vlad Dracula's Wallachia.png Ciriaco's Travels 1424-34.png New Caledonia study area
Sacramento River study area 18th century Polish Borderlands Dominican Republic/Haiti study areas
South Pacific Island Nations Black Horse Pike Gloucester County Community
Alameda, CA median home value: color version/ b&w version Underground Railroad Highlands
Issiah Bowman's expeditions in South America British Invasions Red Knot Migrations
Caldera Company's worst case toxic release scenario China Washington D.C. naturalists, ca. 1885
El Paso Migrant Farmworker Study Great Circle Route Masai District, Tanzania
Florentine Dominion 1502 Safari Tourism The Gambia Garden District; color version
Havana environs ca. 1800s Havana ca. 1800s Italian emigration
Miao distribution in southern China Olduvai Gorge research site Olduvai Paleolake