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Founded in 1949, the Department of Geography at Rutgers University is a leading center for innovative research and teaching on the earth’s landscape and human-environment relationships. Research by our faculty and graduate students explores a range of topics, from the cultures and economies of cities and built environments to tropical deforestation and the flow of polar ice sheets. Our geographical foci range from coastal hazards in New Jersey to the coffee fields of Jamaica and slums of India.

We offer interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees in Geography, Environmental Studies, and International and Global Studies, and we have a dynamic graduate program composed of a highly international student body carrying out cutting-edge theoretical and applied research. Across our activities, we use geographic analyses to interrogate abiding problems of the modern world.

Upcoming Events

Sep 23 | 4:40PM | Departmental Event
Amazonian Forests Are Our Greatest Asset
Sep 27 | 3:00PM | Speaker Series
Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro
Oct 2 | 12:00AM | MaGrann Conference
Small Scale Agriculture in an Era of Global Change: Landscapes & Livelihoods
Oct 25 | 10:00AM | Faculty/Staff Meetings
Faculty/Staff Meeting

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