UniversityCountryInstructional languageSemesterCourse NameCourse #CreditsRutgers Course #Rutgers Geography major requirementsNotes
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishsummerGlaciers and High Mountain EnvironmentsGEOG5003401:450:MAJR4 Environment track course or R5 ElectiveField course in a challenging and remote environment. May have prerequisites
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishfallSwedish GeographyKG1208401:450:MAJR4 Tracks (Global Cultures or Environment), or R5 electiveGreat course to take as a study abroad student. Course designed for international students.
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishfallEssay on Swedish GeographyKG1209401:450:MAJR4 Tracks (Global Cultures or Environment), or R5 electiveFollow up the Swedish Geography course with this essay course to dive deeper into Swedish Geography
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishfallGIS and Spatial Analysis IKG130438:35:21R4 Tracks (Techniques), or R5 electiveThis course will qualify you to take 01:450:421 Advanced GIS when you return to Rutgers
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishfallClimate Change SolutionsMI200638:36:10R4 Tracks (Environment), or R5 electiveA unique course that gives a big picture perspective on climate change. This course also involves engagements with international partner institutions
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishspringChallenges for Planning in the Global SouthKG2310401:450:MAJR4 Tracks (Global Cultures), or R5 electiveIf you like the Cities and Geography and Development course, this course may be for you
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishspringGender and GeographyKG231138:36:01R4 Tracks (Global Cultures), or R5 electiveDirect equivalent to our Gender Geography course
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishspringGIS and Spatial Analysis II (requires GIS I from the fall semester)KG231338:37:01R4 Tracks (Techniques), or R5 electiveIf you are spending a whole year at Stockholm University and took the GIS I course in the fall, you can continue with GIS II (and GIS III) in the spring semester.
Stockholm UniversitySwedenEnglishspringPlace, Identity and MigrationKG2307401:450:MAJR4 Tracks (Global Cultures), or R5 elective