The Internship Program

Ryan Buttone at computerThe Internship Geography course is open for Geography majors that are doing a geography relevant internship. Please set up an appointment with Prof. Rennermalm to learn more.

Read the advice of a recent graduate Ryan Buttone.


Register for an Internship

All students wishing to register for an internship must obtain a special permission number in person from the Department Secretary.

Students may register for 1, 2 or 3 credits per internship. A 3-credit internship involves approximately 112 hours of work, based on 8 hours/week for a 14-week semester. The organization offering the internship can be either public or private. In either case, students who receive academic credit for their internship cannot be paid.

All interns must submit a 2-3 page report on their duties and activities during the semester to the Internship Director. Additionally, intern supervisors submit a confidential evaluation of the work of their intern(s) with a recommended letter grade.


Join "Geography Internship" Sakai Site

Undergraduate students interested in internships should join the "Geography Internship" Sakai site to identify internships of interest and to find additional instructions.

How to join the Sakai site: 

  • Go to
  • Log on Sakai --> My Workspace --> Membership. 
  • Search for "Geography Internship".